Creative Writing


She settled down on the couch, shifting slightly as she sat cross-legged, the guitar cradled in her lap. Ezekiel lounged at the other end of

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Planting Hopes

“But London, these trees are like, a BILLION years old! They’re so big! There’s no way you planted those.” Marv crossed his arm, sulky expression clouding his features like an angry cloud. 

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Broken Promise

Turning his attention back to the woman, her feet naked against the cool stone slabs, still clad in the drab silver grey unitard of the angelic cadet corps, her tunic a rumpled pile atop of mud and dust caked boots.

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Belly of the Beast

London wasn’t sure how long she’d been climbing, the wet sounds of blood echoing in her ears with each pump of a gigantic heart that wasn’t her own. The hand and footholds of what she had dubbed her ‘Ladder to Purgatory’ flexed and twisted of their own accord which was perfectly normal considering they were the ribs of a giant snakelike creature that was invading the camping area the group had chosen a week ago.

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