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Talithey the Bard

Zildath The Blood Hunter


You failed… You failed… …I…failed… …I don’t care… He smelled of blood, and sweat, and dirt, and brine. The floor was hard, but might as

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His New Home

Blood splattered the Monastery floor, but not in ritual. The half orc’s fist that connected with Zildath’s jaw caused the small spray, and sent the

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I Am A Blood Hunter

“Why?” Sariel asked. Several things went through his mind at once. Because you’re not afraid of doing what needs to be done.  She wasn’t the

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Vorseth was born five years after Zildath was erased from Clan Taccor’s memory, but not his parent’s heart. Vorseth was a dark blue Dragonborn like

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Blood stained pure white snow. His blood. The first time Zildath took a blade to his own flesh it wasn’t for power, but out of

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Zildath was no stranger to the power of words. His clan called him plenty. Even some of the children at the monastery had something to

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Tåke The Druid


The tickle in her sinuses finally reached its crescendo just as someone called her name. She looked up and sneezed abruptly, bright red spattering along the nearest wall. Zildath roared his frustration flaring bright as a nova over over the acridness of his pain. Nethrali swayed slightly on her feet and Talithey had disappeared.

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Some of her strongest memories were of the taciturn man who taught her everything she knew of the world outside of the woods.

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Hi Malor, I know it’s been a while, I’ve been praying to other gods. Don’t worry, I will still pray to you so you won’t

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Prayer to Stronmaus

Hey Sky Daddy, It’s me, Your girl Tåke. I don’t usually pray to you because you know, I’m sure being the Storm Lord of the

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Nethrali Divine Soul Sorceress

A Different Kind of Wingman

Nethrali huffed as soon as she caught sight of Akiros. “I’m going to murder Zildath.”

The aasimar laughed and finished his ascent to the roof. “While I believe you’re capable of it, why does my presence spark the need for murder little outcast?”

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It starts like this

They’d stopped at a new tavern tonight and Nethrali was nervous. New places were always hard because she could never be sure if someone was

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What path?

Watching Zildath and Take disappear, Nethrali covered her eyes with the heels of both hands, rubbing gently at first, then swearing as she pushed her

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She watched the others head over towards the river that Zildath had mentioned and then went back inside the monastery. She moved quietly through the

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Fear and Pain

This story has graphic depictions of violence, mentions of injuries and loss of limbs. Please read with caution.

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Unstable Ground

As she translated the book that night she kept having to wipe at her face. Her vision was blurry and it was difficult to focus

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Sariel Horizon Walker

Cypher System Homebrew Scifi Campaign / Every Wednesday at 8pm EST

Michael The Glavie

This Dream of Ours

The fragmented pieces of her soul that had seen the destruction of earth in the dark timeline felt healed, felt whole looking at how the known worlds had changed.

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“I won’t kill my own kind.”
“I’m not held by such foolish notions. That is why I will win.”

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The Traveler

And yet…the sound of it echoed through her soul. Through her past lives.  
Until her entire being was shattering in an earsplitting symphony.

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ET The Jack

Passing Time

Eve sighed internally and looked out the window of the SUV as they drove back to their new SVT headquarters. She got why Gabriel blamed

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Survivors Guilt

Hearing London’s words from her father were like a knife to the gut. ET knew what she’d done would have an impact. Arya wasn’t one

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Flashes of Friendship

ET’s perspective: Cora was sitting at her desk working on something. That wasn’t the noteworthy part to ET though. What was, was that Cora was

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WARNING: Graphic depiction of violence, depiction of sexual assault and murder. Please read with caution – – – – – – – – – –

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Before Arya

Evangaline Thorne had grown up shy and quiet and that hadn’t changed in her 23 years. Her parents had moved a lot for work and

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branching paths

Choice and Consequence

Evangaline stared at the ceiling of the spaceship from her place on the floor. The pieces of it where thrown together in a patchwork of

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John The Nano

End Credits

Look up here, I’m in heaven I’ve got scars that can’t be seen I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen Everybody knows me now Look up

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I’ll just be… done.

The world was falling apart but there was never much to it anyway. My hands still sting from catching an actual pineapple thrown at me

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London The Delve

Blossom. It’s one of the names my father would call me to make me pay attention to his message. When he was proud of me.

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London’s Log.

Crappy spaceship: Who cares about the date We are all going to die. Again. Between the parts floating away, apparently space roaches are eating the

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SVT File : BanderSnatch

Name: London Suresh a.k.a Code-name: Bandersnatch Graceful Delve who [Dances with Dark Matter] Age: 25 Height: 5 ft. 5 in. Race: Mixed AA & Indian

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Dante The Glaive

Coda the AI


This body – this self-contained network of interconnected machinery – is so different and alien to what I once knew. In most ways, that’s an advantage…

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The NPCs...

Angela and Gabriel

Hours before London was kidnapped… Gabriel stood on the roof of SVT’s secret building. Angela exited the stairwell door, smiling warmly at Gabriel. “How did

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Lilith and Lucifer

Many Millenia Ago… She found him sitting atop the rooftop of the Healing Temple, overlooking the city of Machon. Lilith had felt him all day,

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The Last Job & Objective: Survive

Cypher System Horror Campaigns


Chapter 3: First Things First

The pain she could feel building in her chest lessened. Sloane held Kyle’s gaze for a moment, seeing the sincerity, the truth, behind his words. Her eyes shifted to those that haunted her, bloodied and broken. Sloane’s gaze moved back to Kyle’s, and there was a determination there, “What comes first?”

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Skyline and Liquor. It was how they celebrated things, commiserated things, or welcomed each other back after particularly difficult missions. Sloane was more team oriented

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Liquor and Skyline

16 years ago… “Yeah, well, we all know Simone’s the perfect child and I’m not….. No, that’s exactly what you said Dad. That I don’t

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First Loss

Etienne sat on the roof of SVT’s main office, his feet dangling over the side of the building and stared up at the night sky.

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The first thing they remember is a strange sense of awareness. It’s nothing you could call groundbreaking but there is a feeling of otherness about

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Not A Favor

Pathfinder Campaign / Every Other Sunday at 7pm EST

Animal Instincts

Everything was so complicated and confusing. Moonreaper missed her simple life and her mother. She didn’t know her mother’s name but the other goblins in

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