What. A. Drag.


Song inspiration

The light from the fire cast ghostly shapes over Sariel’s face as she walked the outskirts of their camp.  Her gaze occasionally drifting to the fire, watching as the flames licked over wood and claimed the ashes.

Sariel could feel it. Something pulling at the edge of her mind as she stared out into the deceptive emptiness of the night. That sense of wrongness was what drew her here. The world was slowly taring. The walls that protected this reality were…


What. A. Drag.

Sariel’s imperturbable gaze moved over the sleeping forms of her new travel companions.

An odd collection of misfits if Sariel had ever saw one.

…and she had seen many over the decades.

She thought about invoking the help of the gods, but if her travel companions were the ones answering…it would be more trouble than the prayer was worth.

Baby gods, Sariel scoffed.

Her gaze turned away from their sleeping forms to the fort. They acted friendly enough, but she could hear the unsaid words, or in their case, in languages she did not understand.

They feared her leaving.

And to say she wasn’t tempted … would be a lie.

A beautiful lie.

But the world was wrong. It screamed along her senses and made her fingers flex into fists as her knuckles turned white from the desperate need to alter the path she could see, as clearly as she saw the towering structure that nearly took her life, somehow still looming menacingly out of the night.

The world was becoming young again. Few remembering how the horizon walkers guarded their reality from creatures that would only frequent nightmares. There were few of her kind left, few that still guarded the paths between worlds. She often wondered if she would live to see her way of life die. It didn’t bother her. Few things did. It was the way. Paths began, and they ended.

Her path may be ending, but theirs was beginning. She could feel it stretch out before her. She just needed to take that first step. And she feared if she didn’t, the world would continue to tare, and soon… there would be nothing to protect.

No horizon to walk.

She felt the shift as the planar disturbances faded.

Sariel smirked in the face of the darkness that surrounded but no longer touched the fort.

“Well, that’s something.”

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