What to do with Arya’s Arms…


What the hell am I gonna do with Arya’s arms?! Why did we have to clean up what was obviously a Kalturo mess? Least they could have done was say thanks. Maybe give some answers. But I guess that’s too much to ask.

Ugh, I swear I should have left them with John when he stayed behind. He was an idiot, but he was OUR idiot. I kind of wish I had left Francis with him. why did he want to stay? I mean, okay I’m a little abrasive sometime. It’s been a rough month okay. Waking up with a whole brain full of someone else and all the madness that followed.

MY brain is simmering with all of the news. Alternate dimensions, Hollow Earth. Alien guardians. Angels are aliens. They’re all real options.

I still don’t know who that one angel guy was, the one with the black wing and the white wing. I’ll have to remember to ask Michael if she knows who that might be if I remember. Angels are real and the ones I have met are pretty interesting. I’m gonna have a few dates with one. Oh, I think I’m having a bit of a panic attack. What was I thinking, four dates?! What was HE thinking?! He said yes like it was no big deal! How am I supposed to respond to that? What even is dating?

Is that current slang? Is this how Michael felt when we started teaching her slang? Am I too old to be old?  Technically I’m at the very least two thousand years older than anyone on the planet.

I guess dating an Angel isn’t the worst thing, at least he’s older than me. At this point age is a joke. What exactly does one do on a date? Let alone a date with a celestial being. Then again If I remember, my soul is a Lemurian and they’re older than even Angels. We’re gonna go for ice cream, what do you talk about with an Angel?!? Do I ask about past adventures? Do I not? What if he asks about me? Will he think I’m boring?

Dio got to go home to his family, that makes me happy. I know I’m going to miss him, but he’s where he belongs. I saw Michael’s friend with the black and white wings, but this one was a woman. Who was she? I hope C is doing well in school, wherever they took him. I hope he’s made friends.

Dammit John, why’d you have to stay? You’d keep things interesting. Jerk. I’m gonna miss you.

Good Luck.

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