Try as they might, someone can only take so much before they finally snap. Sometimes it cathartic, sometimes that person is regretful afterwards for their actions, or lets just face it.

Some people just deserve what they get.

It was an Inn in the city the Guild had payed for, that was home-base for right now. With her back to a wall Talithey did what she did best, people watching and listening. Even though these are her own Guild mates, she didn’t care. Watching them was even more important than watching common people. Gather what you can to protect yourself.

When she got tired of that she’d open a fiction paranormal book that she swiped from Aevis’s belongings. Before the guild could dispose of them. It had been a whole month since shes been gone.

Thoughts spiraling downward, Tali takes a breath and brushes at her now stinging eyes and just reads. 

It still smells like your space. Those gross chemical agents you had

She only really got about thirty minutes of escapism before the next irritation comes walking down the stairs toward her.

“Hey, boss wants to see you.”

You and your stupid little voice

“…Alright. Thank you, Luke.” Talithey did not look up from her book when she spoke and simply ignored him after, hoping he’d just leave.

This was just another elite member of the guild and a wannabe pet to Balgrim. Ever since she started becoming in favor with the Guild, Luke started actively harassing her. Today would be for the final time. Certainly hope it was worth it.

He had the audacity to take the book off the table from her, close it loudly and toss it to the neighboring table

“Get up. He wants to see you now.”

She still had her eyes on the place of the table where they book once sat and let her self feel the anger that was boiling over. She hated feeling like this, and it was only more intense lately. It often fueled her interrogations but that was starting to not bother her anymore. Like hitting a punching bag, those interrogations were starting to be a release. But it wasn’t enough.

After seemingly long moment passes, she takes a slow steadying breath and says, “This is not a good time, Luke.”Speaking a bit slower for his narrow mind to keep up.

“Guess what bitch, I don’t care if it is a good time for you, I gave you an order.”

“If you know whats good for you, leave.Me.Alone.” With those last words she finally looked up at him. Her voice was low and quiet while her normally soft eyes now icy and sharp. 

Before she realized she already felt the harsh sting on her face from where he had struck at her. Bringing his other hand to wrap around her neck. She let him. She thought it only fair for him to have this one last moment. And she looked strong to the others watching.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself.” She gabbed the empty wine glass that sat next to her and smashed the top on the table and rammed the now jagged glass half into Luke’s eye.

He had the most agonizing scream as he let her go and stumbled back a few steps. She was not done. Watching him scream and pathetically yell for the others to help him, she finally stood up and calmly walked to him while he had his back turned to her. Everyone else just watched. She pulled her knife and rapidly impaled him through the side of his neck and the center of his back. When he finally collapsed to the floor she just kept adding new gore to his back. Her mind was mostly blank through this alteration but when she was done. She couldn’t help but feel relieved. It felt like a task that had been ignored and finally seen too. So easy.

Finally noticing the gory sight she ’caused, her left arm dyed red, and the spectators, she just collects the book off the table he had tossed and walks toward her room. 

No one made a move to stop her or say anything. It kinda disappointed her.

Balgrim never said a damn thing about it either, but he did start being more kind than usual. Sometimes seeming like a proud father.

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