Things Unsaid…



Right after Zildath gets back from the bad timeline…

Zildath waited until his avatar was resting. Inside the Demiplan, Take’s attention had drawn elsewhere. He walked up to Tali, concern marking his eyes and for once, without asking for consent, drew her into his arms. If she did not resist, he held her tightly.

“Whatever you saw, I’m sorry. I’ve never seen you like this.” 

Tali went into his arms easily. Hands clutching tight against his back as if she could anchor him down if he disappeared again. 

“You were here, and then you weren’t. They took you. Take ran away to try and find the ones that-” Tali’s words halted in her throat. And she pressed her head into his chest, listening to his heart. In this instance, such a sound was the most blessed music she had ever heard. 

She didn’t know she was doing it but her hands left his back and she just touched him. His arm, his face, his chest. Convincing herself that he was in fact standing here. She pulled back just enough to look at him. “An empty field. That’s all there was. I couldn’t feel you anymore.” 

There were questions that ran through his head, but looking at her, and understanding now a little more about how she touched him, he realized those questions were just not important. Or the slight kick to his ego that someone had bested him in a fight. What mattered more, was that he’d felt all manner of her touch, wonderfully so, very recently, but this was new.

“Hey… hey…” He caught one of her hands, and pulled it underneath the tunic he wore (there was little reason to be full armored in the demi plane) and over his chest where her head had just rested. “… I’m right here. I promise, I won’t leave your sight.” 

Tali’s nails dug into his skin with how desperately she grasped at him and her head hung low. Feeling his presence. Her voice barely above a whisper. “The Pack is my family. But you and Sariel are…” Tali bit her bottom lip and breathed in. She raised her head up to look at him once again, her normally soft eyes dark and piercing into his. “The world is not burning because you stand here. That is the only reason.” 

He’d felt the bite of her nails before – the circumstances had been wildly different. It was a distant, interesting thought that the sensation effected him the same way. He believed her words. And he… felt many things in that moment. Warmth spread through his chest, made it tight with emotion of how she thought of he and Sariel. And it was… flattering if that was even the right word, what she would have done, if he hadn’t come back.

But that thought, that he would leave her, that some force would take him away from his pack, from Tali and Sariel he didn’t like. He did not like that at all. He felt something pull at his memory, a thread that shouldn’t be there, something that felt like a ghost, like, he might have been spent a long time, too long, without her.


He took a small step closer, his big hands closing around her waist and he hoisted her up higher, so he would not have to bend when he gently pressed his cheek against hers, kissing her. He did not offer words, for he had none. Well, that wasn’t entirely true, they sat there, emotional words, stuck in his throat. So instead he kissed her, with the softest movement of his cheek against hers, letting her know he understood (he hoped) through the touch. 

It was that soft touch that made her crumble even more. Made her fall into a back and forth battle of not knowing if you want to cry, laugh, confess all to whomever is in front of you. At least in this moment, she settled for immediately returning the press of his cheek against hers. She barely even noticed that he lifted her up, she instinctively rested her arms atop his shoulders, hands clutching the back of his neck, securing him close to her, all while her legs wrapped around his waist. 

She swore she could hear her guardian yelling at her to say what she wanted to say, returning the confession Zildath declared before he was taken. “You’re here.” Is what she whispered into his ear. 

His hands gripped the back of her thighs easily when she wrapped her legs around him, supporting her weight. He took a step, then another, until her back was against the soft mossy bark of one of her tree’s.

Truth be told, he loved getting to hold her like this. Their three days together had not lessened his want for them, but made him greedy. Had given him knowledge he hadn’t had before, and the reminders made him want more. But, he did not like how upset she felt. That she would look at him so haunted. And he remembered for just a moment that strange feeling, a pain in his heart, a yearning for them that had gone unfulfilled. It made his next exhale come out harsher. He nuzzled his snout in the crook of her neck, breathing her in, and dotting the skin there with his soft small kisses. To reassure her, as much himself at that moment. 

That was where he first touched her, she remembered. Sariel helped him find the courage to. She couldn’t help the soft smile that formed at those memories that are now held sacred in her mind. Then, when she wanted to encourage him, show him how blissful it could be. Teach him that it’s alright to be free and in the moment. Now she…Well she would be annoyed about it later because now her body melted into him even more when he pressed her against the tree. Somehow even more than when he laid atop of her on the third day. The third day when she learned things of her own.

There was always a small wall around her. Both those two occasions…The effect Sariel and Zildath had on her. They took her walls down and at this moment, all she wanted to do was bring them in and protect them behind her walls.

The way the soft muscle and curves of her melted into him – sparked a memory. A memory that sparked awareness through every part of him. Could this… if they… would it be a comfort to her? Was it wrong of him to so suddenly want her as much as he did.

He drew back to look at her, an expression she’d seen before, the way his eyes changed as passion came to life. And it was both softer, and more intense then it’d been before.

What if this strange feeling, this ghost sensation came to pass? What if what she’d seen was simply their future?

He swallowed hard. “Tali…” his voice was lower, quieter. A tone she’d heard before, but made raw by things unseen. “If… if I said I wanted you… would that… would that bring you comfort now?” 

That familiar warm chill raced down her back at his question. During the first night, she had thought him the most innocent person she had ever met. Now that didn’t feel quite right. More like he is one of the most considerate people she has had the privilege of knowing.

And she would like to know him for a very, very, long time. Nothing would take that away. 

She gently placed her hand on his cheek, slowly stroking with her thumb and when she speaks, her voice is quieter, but holds the same echo of passion, “I want to feel you.”

His breath shuddered out of him. He broke eye contact long enough to look towards Sariel’s demi plane. His brow furrowed, he brought his gaze back to Tali and pressed his Dragon lips against hers. 

They had taught him, it was all right for him to let his carnal instincts drive him. Carry him. He’d already proven to himself he wouldn’t hurt them, even in moments he felt like he didn’t know the meaning of the word control.

It took a mere thought for him to longer be clothed. And he whispered, bravely in draonic against her addicting mouth, “I would very much like your clothes gone, Talithey.”

He pressed against her, when they were, not inside, just the hard length of him rubbing against her. He stopped kissing her only to put his dragon like tongue against her neck, against the spot he’d learned she liked. And when he felt her warm, and wet, and ready, he shifted her easily, bringing her down onto him. They had taught him to be careful of his size, when he entered them. He did so now, his senses tuned into her body, waiting for those little signs that told him she liked it, that he hadn’t hurt her… that he didn’t have to go slow anymore.

Because he didn’t.

He trapped her between that tree and the press of his cool chest, the strength in his hands and arms, working her over him, his hips thrusting hard, fast, into her. Every motion needy. Like he was both loving her, and chasing away some shadow.

By Tritheron he wanted to say it! The moment he got close, was panting and groaning into her ear. He wanted to whisper so many things to her, and truth be told he did not know why his voice locked up, why he could only press his cheek against hers, and hold her tighter, and try to let his body say what his mouth could not.

He didn’t stop, not until she’d exploded around him once, kept going until he’d made her explode around him again, holding her with one hand and reaching between them to press his finger against her clit. He lost it with her the second time, crying out so loudly he hoped she’d done something to suppress the noise of their joining otherwise Take would surely hear. He pressed deep inside of her, and here in her demiplane it felt different. It felt like his pleasure was ripping through his very soul, felt like he’d never been closer to her, even when he couldn’t get close enough. 

Maybe it didn’t make sense, how desperately one could desire the presence of another when they are in the same space as you. To be reassured that their existence here is not a lie, to feel them as close as possible.

And feel him she did. 

Much more than she anticipated. It was more here, overwhelmingly more. The Demiplane let her feel him in far stronger ways than she’d ever experienced. And it fired her more knowing that he undoubtedly could feel her just as strongly. With this, and the way he moved with her pinned against the tree…It did nothing to silence the sounds she made 

In this moment all her barriers were down and he could feel it. Feel it in the way she grasped at him, feel it in the way her mouth marked his skin. In the surprised noise she made when he touched her clit after she shattered for him. The crook of his neck took her sharp sounds of pleasure, in between breaths she’d hiss his name into his ear. Her body shivered wonderfully when she felt him shatter with her the second time. 

She’d have to thank her Guardian later for disguising them from the rest of the Plane.

He wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to how amazing it felt to be with them. And he was… well, not only did he feel amazing, but he felt… proud. Of himself. Tali wasn’t usually loud, not like Sariel and he often were. But this time…

…he cradled Tali close to him, bringing up a hand to cup the back of her head. Finding it interesting how here, he didn’t have to catch his breath as much. But of course he wouldn’t.

“All right?” a quiet, husky tone. 

She rested her head on his shoulder, one of her many favorite comfortable spots to rest on him. On the night of the third day together, she’d always carefully maneuver herself while they were sleeping or meditating so she would always be in contact with Sariel or himself. It was…nice. Just nice. They reminded her of a blanket. 

“Yes.” Her voice was low and shaky against his ear and it made her smile. They were good at taking her voice in the best way.

He smiled, unmoving, utterly enjoying the feeling of her against him before he realized something and a solid blush colored his already red face.

“By tritheron, do you think, Take heard?” 

Talithey quickly lifted her head up from his shoulder to look at him, eyes wide.” I…didn’t think about that.” 

The both of them would hear Thalassa’s judgemental voice sound off from an unknown source. “No, the Wolf Lord did not hear because I shielded you two miscreants…respectfully.” 

Tali giggled and rolled her eyes. 

Zildath blinked… which transferred into a smile… which turned into his laughter. He probably was laughing harder than was called for, and it was as much stress relief as anything else. 

“She’s as sassy as Hifras is.” 

“Sassy and deeply impossible. No doubt she ran straight to Andraste and Hifras about us. She snitches too.” After she chuckled through her words, Tali placed a soft hand on Zildath’s cheek and stroked it, staring at him. Her expression was…indiscernible, but it was tender how she looked at him. 

After a moment of this she smiled again, “Concealing the effects of you in the material world was…difficult.” 

This was a face of hers, he had yet to identify. He liked it. Very much. And he fought to hold back a purr, probably not well, when she stroked his cheek, the gesture so incredibly intimate for him.

Amusement shone in his eyes, and his blush likely deepend. “Oh. That’s right… you’re awake.” He even looked sheepish for a moment, though he also looked, well, proud of himself. He let his head come gently forward to rest his forehead against hers. “We should… we should do this again. Here. I mean. In the demiplane, when Sariel comes home.”

“Yes, most definitely awake. Guarding you while you sleep.” She happily pressed her forehead against his and wrapped her arms around him. Holding him to her. 

“I would…very much like that. Sariel will definitely enjoy it, just like I did.” At the last part of her sentence she softly placed her lips to his. For a long moment she just kissed him, treasuring this tender moment of silence. Silence that existed both here, and in the material realm. At least for a little while. 

The only time her mind wandered was when she thought of what he said before he-what he said. I don’t think he remembers She wasn’t sure if she should say…Or how it made her feel exactly. Thalassa claimed that they know but…She claims to know many things.

Tali returned her head to rest on that comfortable spot on his shoulder, nuzzling him. “I…” She stuttered, it locking up in her throat. Instead, her quiet words brushed his ear. “I am deeply glad you’re here.” 

Oh he loved kissing! There were many intimate things he learned he adored doing with his elves, but kissing them, watching them kiss each other, pure, pure bliss. It felt… he didn’t know. It just felt like a kind of connection. 

He was all too happy while Tali kissed him, returning each, his quiet deep little groans echoing into it. This was also something he’d missed, the moment the three days were over and they had to return to the reality of what was going on – these moments of stillness and peace he found with them. 

He said nothing for a moment after her words, one, he truly loved her quiet words in his ear. Sariel did that too sometimes and it was just… nice. Very nice. The world was often loud. He liked quiet moments.

He pulled her back from the tree, simply for the pleasure of anchoring one arm underneath her, ensuring she was comfortable, and set his other around her tightly, keeping her close to him. Remembering…

“I think… I felt it. It’s strange. I don’t remember anything, not like you do, but I feel like something happened. That I might have been without you and Sariel for a very long time.”

The way she held him changed. It felt more protective, like if she could hide him away somewhere she would. They already had so much to deal with, so much to work through. It didn’t feel fair for him to remember something like that when luck blessed them and brought him back. Ugh, blessed. Disgusting. 

The words she whispered to him were soothing, with a sort of conviction. “We’re here with you now. Always. I believe you will have more than you bargained for because you know Tâke will not let you out of sight.” 

He over 6 ft tall, weighed closer to 300 lbs and his wonderful elf was holding him protectively. And he felt protected. Felt like she would move demiplanes and zephyus to keep him safe and perhaps, well, maybe she had. 

He would give back this feeling to her, and find a way to soothe whatever she’d witnessed. Maybe one day all this would end and he could devotee a great deal of time to solely that. He laughed, quietly at her words. “I don’t mind. Not at all. I will ensure my hips are prominently on display for you since, you’ll be keeping such a close eye on me.” 

He pulled the most involuntary genuine laugh out of her. Pulling away to look at him, she winked as she spoke. “Zildath, they’re always on display for me.

Inside that quiet cocoon of her demiplane, there was only his laugh…

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