She watched the others head over towards the river that Zildath had mentioned and then went back inside the monastery. She moved quietly through the halls and slipped into the temple then looked for a hiding spot that wouldn’t be obvious to anyone else.

A few of the pillars seemed to have platforms on them at the top so she used her ring and floated up until she was on top of one.  She ended the spell and lay down to work on translating her book more. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust the others to read it to her correctly, but she felt like she had to do this for herself.

It was similar to the feeling she got about protecting the cleric book that had contained Loki. She was so close to being able to read it by herself anyway. With a sigh of frustration, she closed her eyes and rubbed them both with the heel of her palms and began to swear internally. The need for information wasn’t lost on her. She just didn’t feel like the book was in any way connected.

It wasn’t about the vault, had no information regarding the song as far as she knew and just because Nyx was in the vault didn’t mean that the book had information about that. In fact if anything all Nyx being trapped in the magic circle told them was what exactly the magic circle was meant to keep in.

Fiends. The magic circle was likely meant to keep fiends in, and it covered the entire planet but the center was where the vault was located. It wasn’t even the entire spell. Just that symbol from the spell book in that language she couldn’t read.

Her hands slid from her eyes to her mouth and she just let out a single short scream of frustration, muffled behind her closed lips and palms. Why couldn’t any of this just be straightforward? She didn’t want to talk about her past before Fomher and Nyx. She didn’t want to think about it. If she got answers fine but in thinking about all the memories she didn’t have it would lead her to the more painful ones she did.

Finding out that the one memory she had other than her name involved someone that was essentially a stranger and not her mother was more upsetting than she let on to the others. Just one more thing to bury and ignore. What did it matter anyway? She knew the words and the tune and she didn’t have any other information for them. They could research it and leave off asking her any other questions about it.

Sariel was incredibly gifted at research anyway. It wasn’t like she had to tell them anything else. There was nothing else to tell. Feet on the path, eyes on the trees right? She pushed it all away and focused inward on Tyche’s followers, trying to give them some semblance of calm and reassurance. It was easier to deal with someone else’s problems rather than her own.

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